Greek Luxury Real Estate is a branch of the great House “DIMITRIOU & Associates Real Estate”. We are established in Athens, in the area of Galatsi, on 144 Tralleon Road.

The owner of the company Aphrodite Ginala – Dimitriou, holder of a professional license (license number 287083), operates as a Real Estate Agent and Business Manager for many years in the demanding field of Real Estate and has participated in numerous national and international exhibitions and seminars.

The growth and expansion of the activities of our company was rapid and our agency was immediately joined by many remarkable associates and given a credible and respected name, consolidating its position in the market. We believe the most valuable asset of our company is our people. For that reason we employ an experienced staff which works with imagination and creativity for one common cause: the satisfaction of one of the most basic human needs – the purchase of a property.

The organized and methodic work off our collaborators, the deep knowledge of the market, the ability to evaluate property, the continued support towards our customers and, above all, the great love we have for our work, are the guarantees of a trusting relationship, a perfect collaboration and ultimately a successful purchase.

Greek Luxury Real Estate aims to expand our horizons to new activities and markets and to offer a chance to everyone abroad that whishes to, not only to visit our country but to inhabit on some of the most idyllic areas of Greece.